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Four Reasons Objex Design is Different 

We've worked on all kinds of projects.  Take a look at our portfolio and you'll see everything from toys to industrial printing presses, from sunglasses to vacuums.  You'll see clients who are individual inventors through multi-million dollar corporations.  Our team consists of industrial designers and engineers with all sorts of backgrounds.  Our exposure to so many different industries and products gives us unique insight into your field and your project.


Objex is a truly full service product design firm.  We can turn your napkin doodle into a product on the shelf, and we'll help you at any step along the way.  There are some projects where we have been involved from conception up through marketing support.  Other times we are called in to mainly do the styling or prototyping.  Industrial design and engineering is our bread and butter, but we would love to design your packaging,write a TV commercial, or run a social media campaign for you.  We're the unique team who can help you identify your product's brand and also tell your manufacturer what type of screw to use.  We've labeled everything in our portfolio as to where we've contributed because we're proud of the depth of our work.  Check out the Services tab for even more info.


Our designs are meant to last a lifetime, and so are our partnerships.  Objex is proud to have clients who have been working with us for over 10 years.  Our clients come back time and time again because we design with their long-term business goals in mind.  We want to be the design department you never had, so we value ongoing success over short-sighted solutions.  Likewise we make sure that what we deliver will stand the test of time.  The vast majority of our products are still on the shelf today, and we intend to keep it that way. 


We've been in your shoes. Our team has developed our own original ideas and brought them to market.  So we know how much you care about your project, and we understand how important it is to promote your vision.  The design process can be frustrating and tumultuous.  There are often tough decisions, and concessions must always be made, but we will fight for what's important to you and make sure your product is everything it should be.  Your idea is your baby, and we'll do whatever we can to help you nurture it and love it, because we're parents too.


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