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Graphic Development





Objex Design is a full service product development firm.  We can take you through the entire development process, from creating an original product concept or brand all the way through to the manufacturing and marketing phases, and every stage in between.  

Don't see a specific service you need?  Odds are we'll have you covered there too.  Objex has a deep network of professionals from electrical engineers to sculptors who work with us on a regular basis.



Many clients enlist our help to fill in specific gaps in their expertise (e.g. we'll take care of the engineering and styling of new products, but they already have a brand and marketing department in place).  But some clients come to us with little more than a sketch and a business plan and want our help in all 8 categories.  We like helping people turn their ideas into reality, so for these projects we have created the Design Incubator Program.  Check out our contact page for more info.



In order to illustrate our services and the design process in general, we created the Objex Services Scale.  Below you can see the 8 main categories of our work and the specific services we offer in each category.  It's hard to detail all of the big and little things we do for our clients in one diagram, but this covers the majority of it


What is this anyway?

Objex Service Scale (OSS)

Here is an example

So that you can see the true breadth and depth of our work, we include the OSS in each of our portfolio items.  For example, on the Subcon project shown below we did the majority of the Concept Development, Styling, Engineering, and Prototyping; a lot of the Manufacturing support, and a little bit of Marketing Development.  You can use this tool as you scan our portfolio to find projects where we did the specific type of work you're interested in.


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