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A Look Back at Past Years

QUANTUM Summer Internship and Design Competition

Every summer three talented students go through the Objex Design's QUANTUM program.  Ten intense weeks of hard work and creativity culminates in a presentation of the interns’ final designs before a panel of designers, entrepreneurs, and industry executives.  Each year has been a big success, and last year’s presentation in particular generated a lot of buzz that quickly resulted in meetings about acquiring two of the three products presented.


At the beginning of the program each year, we combed through our catalog of internal product ideas and identified an appropriate concept for each intern to pursue.  In addition to helping with client projects, the interns were charged with developing these concepts into market-ready products.  Designer and engineering mentors guided the interns through ten weeks of brainstorming, sketching, concept refinement, CAD modeling, and prototyping until they were ready to unveil their final designs.  


QUANTUM was created to fuse the practicality of a traditional internship with the focused rigor of a design competition.  We wanted our interns to get the most out of a season with Objex, and we wanted to get the most out of them.  The result was a win-win scenario where the interns received hands on guidance and experience on real design projects, and Objex was able to have some of their back-burner projects given proper attention so they could be turned into licensed products.  


In ten short weeks the QUANTUM interns were exposed to a wide array of industries.  The competition products have included a backyard activity center, a power tool accessory, an outdoor storage product, and an innovative wagon.  In addition to their individual projects, the interns have helped our designers and engineers on many different  client products such as toy lines, sunglasses, and a furniture project, plus they assisted with internal work such as managing the 3D printer and making updates to the website.  Objex also worked with some local clients to give the interns factory tours at an injection molding shop and a lean vacuum manufacturing facility.  To round out the experience, there were also visits to some of the more fun cultural destinations in St. Louis.  


Entering its fourth year running, the summer internship and design competition keeps getting better and better.  Four of the six student-developed products are currently  in the process of being licensed and sold as real consumer products.  In addition all interns received invaluable experience both in taking a single product through the whole design process and in working side-by-side with the Objex team on clients’ projects.  To a greater extent, Objex is honored to have had the opportunity to shape the careers of so many extremely promising young designers.  


Here's what pervious interns had to say about their experience at Objex.

"While working at Objex, the knowledge and experience I gained was priceless. I have truly learned a lot by going through each stage of the design process with different designers and engineers. It was also extremely helpful that everyone at Objex was friendly and was excited to share their skill sets to help all the interns learn and prosper with their projects. Overall, the experience was unforgettable and invaluable."

- Sally Park, Manufacturing and Design Engineering

  Northwestern University class of 2017

  Winner, 2016 QUANTUM Excellence Award

“My time at Objex was incredibly valuable as a student and designer. While there I had opportunities to work through nearly every stage in the design process. Through this process designers and engineers at Objex guided me and taught me what they have learned from their many years of experience. Objex employees went out of their way to show me around manufacturing facilities as well as some of their favorite places in St. Louis. The work environment was inclusive and personable, and I am thankful for the opportunities they gave me.”


- Bryan Stubblefield, Industrial Design

  Auburn University Class of 2016

  Winner, 2015 Objex Design Excelence Award

"The Objex Internship was incredible. Designers and engineers of all levels were extremely genuine and always there to guide me through any difficulties. As a young industrial designer, it was invaluable to be taken to client meetings and have chances to see manufacturing facilities. I confidently walked away from the internship knowing that I had grown as a student and designer."  


- Jonathan H. Kim, Industrial Design

  Virginia Tech University class of 2015

  Winner, 2014 Objex Design Excelence Award

  Current Industrial Designer at Frog Design in San Francisco

Click here to learn about future internship opportunities at Objex.  

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