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  • Streamlined assembly requires only two                 unique parts

  • Engineered head mount provides reliable               stability

  • Preferred visual style maintained through               manufacturing

Subcon had developed a new therapeutic lighting technology, and wanted an attractive and functional housing.

Where they were

Where we took them

The elegant lamp head keeps everything in place, is easy to assemble, and directs light where it's needed.

Subcon had created a therapeutic light board and came to Objex to develop a styled housing for the board that mounted securely on a poseable neck, gave the operator convenient access to the controls, and directed light towards the patient's face.  We generated a number of visual concepts and landed on one that best fit a spa environment.


Relizing the Design

Engineering scaled and tweaked the model so it could accommodate all necessary parts while maintaining the design vision.  Then, with a refined visual concept in place, we designed the component mounting, wire routing, and structural details, as well as specific hardware and assembly features. 


Throughout the design process, partial prototypes were made to test the function and assembly process.  Once the design was finalized, the CAD files were used to make production molds.  Objex also helped identify OEM products that could be used for the rolling base of the lamp.


Subcon loved the look, so we worked with their fabricators to maintain the details of our design, and help solve some tangential problems along the way.   Once production was locked in, we made some fancy renderings of the assembly for use on the Subcon web site and manuals.

Objex Service Scale 

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