Some experiences only a mother can share.

Frustrated with the market options of pacifiers that miss the mark for biomimicry and result in underdeveloped newborn mouths, our clients sought to create a new pacifier that acted much more like mom.  Through experimentation, they landed on a unique shape and material combination that proved to work for baby. With a verified concept and moms in mind, they needed to take their idea and make it into reality.  Objex both discovered on-trend styles and provided an innovative approach to design for manufacturing that ultimately helped to create a human-centered solution never before seen in the industry.

Materials matter:

like mom

Mimicking skin and soft tissue meant understanding silicon. Two durometers were chosen that allowed for the stretch and firmness most like mom.

“It is the nature of intuition to spark and guide creativity, and it's an essential ingredient for anything "new" to happen in the world at all.”

Maggie Macnab