• Provides an all-in-one video surveillance system at an           affordable price.

  • Covert outer case makes system great for                               apartments, dorms, and offices.

  • Connects directly to cell phone for peace of                             mind anywhere.

Video Security System 



Where they were

Guardzilla wanted to create an affordable security system encompassing all the traits of a high-end system and suitable for any apartment, dorm, or home.

Where we took them

Objex worked with Guardzilla to design a discreet yet sleek looking housing for their video security system that would give an identity to their line of products.

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My stuff is Important too

Professional surveillance systems can cost upwards of thousands of dollars.  Everyone wants to feel safe, but why does a surveillance system have to cost more than the stuff it’s protecting?  Guardzilla had the bright idea to provide protection for the general public with an all-inclusive, low-profile security system that wouldn’t break the bank.  They tapped Objex to give their novel idea an appropriately unique style.  They wanted for a sleek, yet discreet design that would look good in an apartment or dorm without drawing unwanted attention to itself.  Our team set to work defining the look for Guardzilla’s line of products which would soon set the mark in the affordable surveillance system market.

Off To The Races

Off To The Races

As is typical, our first step was for the industrial design team to cover the wall with loads of concept sketches exploring a number of different styles.  Next we picked some favorite styles and did another round of sketching delving more deeply into those styles.  To make things interesting, we had a three way sketch off between two of our ID studs and an intern to see who could win the client’s heart.  After some feedback from Guardzilla and a few more rounds of sketching, our talented intern struck gold with a pleasant form that nailed the tension between subtle and sleek.  The client was pleased and so was the intern; she lorded it over the other guys all semester.  



Stay on Target

The phone didn’t ring for a while.  We tried to play it cool, but we did feel a little snubbed.  Then to our amazement, Guardzilla showed up on our doorstep with an injection-molded, completely finished, working product.  Their manufacturers took our CAD model and made the product exactly how we designed  it with very little changes.  This was as surprising as it was exciting.  We do our best to dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s before we hand files off to the manufacturer, but they always request little tweaks here and there to accommodate their preferences before they start molding parts.  This time we just nailed it.  We’re kidding of course.  We did do a good job, but the manufacturers were exceptionally flexible and accommodating on this project.  Mad props to them.


Only a few months later, Guardzillas were sitting proudly on the shelf at Best Buy and Target.  So if you want a slick little buddy to keep an eye on your stuff for under $100, look no further.  And if the movies have taught us anything, this won’t be Guardzilla’s only appearance.  Keep an eye on the horizon for his return, and maybe he’ll bring some friends along next time.


Next up was the challenge of turning that sketch into a real manufacturable item that captured the same aesthetic. Fortunately, this is exactly where Objex shines.  A designer sat down with an engineer; they pointed and doodled and argued and CAded until we had an accurate 3D model of the concept.  Next the model was divided into realistic pieces, and all parts were tweaked to accommodate assembly and the injection molding process.  Viola, concept realized.  We sent the files off to Guardzilla and waited for follow-up questions from the factory.

Bringing it Home

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