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Our client had already achieved success in the dog grooming industry with a popular grooming brush. However, he was determined to disrupt the market again.  Seeking a design solution capable of handling tough tangles and mats while remaining gentle on dogs' fur and skin.  Special attention was also given to the groomer's experience, crafting an ergonomic and stable handle and the first removable brush head. It was designed to be comfortable to use, even in challenging grooming situations and wet conditions. Through relentless trial and error, we collaborated closely with our client, leveraging their industry expertise while pushing the boundaries of innovation, style, ergonomics and manufacturing limits. The FUR 4 deshedding tool is an example of collaboration of knowledge and expertise resulting an innovation that will change the dog grooming world furever.

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An Industry first

The FUR4 introduces a groundbreaking feature to the world of dog grooming - the first-ever removable brush head on a grooming device. This innovation not only enhances cleaning but also allows for customization. With its superior fur management capabilities, ergonomic design the FUR4 will mark its territory in the dog grooming world.

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FUR 4_Product shot 3.jpg
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       “It's not about the size of the dog in the fight, its about the size of fight in the dog."

-Mark Twain

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