Antennas Direct
  • Best-in-class technology wrapped in a beautiful     minimalist design

  • Seamless integration of optional reflector panel

  • Innovative base redesign reduced cost and           allows for easier assembly

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Antennas Direct had a superior product but the aesthetic was alienating part of the market.

Objex's redesigned antenna is now the flagship model and it stands proudly in more living rooms than any other HD antenna.

Where they were

Where we took them

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Drawing inspiration from high-end electronics, we generated a number of concept sketches and landed on an aesthetic that both Antennas Direct and Objex were excited about.  The Micron was born.  

Concept Development

Keeping Design Intent

With the visual concept nailed down, we modeled the housing in CAD and tweaked certain details to accommodate the antenna hardware.  We were able to hand over CAD files to the manufacturer and work with them to maintain the form that everyone fell in love with.

Antennas Direct had a technical powerhouse of an antenna, but the current look of the piece was polarizing.  Geeks loved the tapered loop look, but many people weren't crazy about it.  They came to Objex seeking a fresh look that non-techies would be proud to display next to their TV.

Looking forward


The Micron was an immediate hit.  It is currently the most popular antenna AD sells.  Since it landed on shelves, Objex has continued to improve the product.  We redesigned the reflector attachment and the base of the antenna to make the product even easier to assemble and more cost effective.

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