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Inventors, industrial designers, engineers, digital sculptors…?  At Redwood Ventures it's difficult defining the crew at Objex design using each of the above descriptions.  Because the terms aren't rich enough.  And each of the team members at Objex has strengths that transcend all of those definitions.  We're a lightly-staffed group, and lean heavily on groups like Objex to add the muscle and genius needed to get to market with new products in the "race" that is the toy business. So we define them using "all of the above" and more.  Objex goes "Beyond Beyond", alwayssurprising us with the new things they can do, and they've been an indispensable reason for our explosive growth.

Andy Wiseman

Redwood Ventures

In 2010, RedwoodVentures was launched as a brand-spanking-new toy company with a wealth of past sales/marketing experience and plenty of raw, conceptual product ideas, plans and dreams for the future.  It was RV’s immediate good fortune to be introduced to OBJEX DESIGN who welcomed the challenge and turned those initial concepts/dreams into actual creations.  Since that time OBJEX’s creative direction has been instrumental in most if not all, of RV's Brand launches.  In addition to OBJEX DESIGN’s unimaginable creativity they exemplify the term “ team players” with their honesty, integrity, transparency, accessibility, attention-to-detail and their “can-do” attitude.  To put in perspective, OBJEX DESIGN, has been and remains, RedwoodVentures  Creative “Right Arm”.

Tony Martinson

Redwood Ventures

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Eight years ago we asked Objex to design a housing for a new antenna element we had developed.  They brought us an iconic design that has come to identify our brand. With 14 projects completed together since then, it's needless to say they're our go to team for design.

Joanne Nosiglia

Antennas Direct

I have historically not had great experience with design firms - they are either overpriced or they care about looks over functionality, Objex is different. What impressed me most about them was the fact that they actually talked to our potential customers to shape the product around their desires. Then they took it a step further and actually tested the functionality in beta models to align with the beautiful design. This will save months of time and thousands of dollars in production. Take 30 minutes to see where their minds go with your idea - they fu*king rocked ours" -Steve Young, Founder/Janitor of SYNEK 



Steve Young


Objex design was able to quickly turn our general concepts into tangible products, all-the-while guiding our team through the industrial design process, helping us to avoid design pitfalls. Objex goes above and beyond the call of duty and their friendly and knowledgeable engineers make working with them a breeze! I recommend OBJEX Design to anyone looking for a great local industrial design firm in Saint Louis!

Larry Stendebach

First Rule

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